Mongolia Frontier Fund

The MFF (Mongolia Frontier Fund) is a Bermuda registered Hedge Fund.

It is a Mongolia asset focused absolute return fund managed by Investment Advisor, Mongolia Asset Management Ltd. The Mongolia Frontier Fund is administered by APEX Fund Services in Singapore. Cash custodian is HSBC Bank of Bermuda and the securities custodian of the fund is government owned Mongolian Securities Clearing House and Central Depository.






The Mongolian Frontier Fund invests in the following financial instruments.

  • * Mongolian public listed equities
  • * Mongolian non-listed equities
  • * Mongolian public listed fixed income securities both government bonds and corporate bonds
  • * Bank deposits and Certificates of deposit issued by Mongolian Banks
  • * Initial Public Offerings of Mongolian companies
  • * Mongolian “theme” stocks that are listed in overseas markets and which derive most if not all of their economic activity from Mongolia
  • * Derivate contracts and futures on Mongolian commodity exports such as Oil, Copper, Iron Ore and Gold

Management & Performance Fee.

2% of NAV Incentive fee of 20% of total increase of the NAV over a hurdle rate of 10% annual returns with high watermark and catch up.

  • ISIN Number: BMG3032V4806
  • CUSIP Number: G3032V480