Today, Mongolia is opening up to foreign investors and keen to share its wealth with those who are willing to engage in long-term strategic investment opportunities.

The economy is set to expand rapidly as the mineral and commodity sector gathers momentum fuelling a domestic consumption boom.

Mongolia lines up an impressive pipeline of potential IPOs, including many state owned enterprises, strategic mineral deposits, local industry leaders and companies listed on foreign stock markets – a pipeline potentially worth USD 45 billion in market capitalization.

Government efforts to develop local capital markets are now taking place. The strategic partnership between MSE (Mongolia Stock Exchange) and LSE (London Stock Exchange) has successfully implemented a number of regulatory and system changes to bring the Mongolian capital market to international standards.

Despite this great opportunity, there are only few dedicated Mongolia specialists and Hedge Funds like Mongolia Asset Management in the market that provide efficient and easy access for foreign investors and locals alike.

The MFF (Mongolia Frontier Fund) presents investors with opportunities in Mongolian stocks, currency and fixed income instruments.